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Italy's Stile Liberty reflected the modern design emanating from the Liberty & Co store, a sign both of Art Nouveau's commercial aspect and the 'imported' character that it always retained in Italy.

The spread of Art Nouveau in Portugal suffered a delay due to slowly developing industry, although the movement flourished. especially in cities like Oporto and Aveiro, in which can be found numerous buildings influenced by European models, particularly by French architecture.

Art Nouveau was also popular in the Nordic countries, where it became integrated with the National Romantic Style. Good examples are the neighbourhoods of Katajanokka and Ullanlinna in Helsinki, Finland, as well as the Helsinki Central railway station, designed by the architect Eliel Saarinen. As in Germany, Jugendstil is the prevailing term used for the style. The Norwegian coastal town of Ålesund burned to the ground in 1904, and was rebuilt in a uniform Jugendstil architecture, kept more or less intact up to today.

Although no significant artists in Australia are linked to the Art Nouveau movement, many buildings throughout Australia were designed in the Art Nouveau style. In Melbourne, the Victorian Arts Society, Milton House, Melbourne Sports Depot, Melbourne City Baths, Conservatorium of Music and Melba Hall, Paston Building, and Empire Works Building all reflect the Art Nouveau style.

Modernisme building by Argentine architect Julián García Núñez

Montevideo, in South America's Rio de la Plata, offers a striking example of the influence of the Art Nouveau movement across the Atlantic. The style is very apparent in the architecture both of downtown and of the periphery of the city. Montevideo maintained intense communication with Paris, London and Barcelona during Art Nouveau's heyday, when the city was also receiving massive immigration, especially from Italy and Spain. Those were also the years Montevideo developed the key structure of its urban spaces, all of which factors help explain the widespread presence of Art Nouveau there.[citation needed]

In the other side of the Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires still conserves some of its art nouveau architecture, also brought by Italian and Spanish immigrants, which developed the jugendstil (Edificio Otto Wulff, by Morten Ronnow, Danish), liberty (Casa de los Pavos Reales, by Virginio Colombo, Italian), modernisme (various buildings by Julián García Núñez, Spanish-Argentine) and art nouveau (Chile Hotel by Louis Dubois, French) varieties. Another Argentinean city where this architecture has been recently[when?] protected is Rosario, an important port in the Paraná River.

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