Färg Appears in Tribeca: A Happy Surprise!

Fredrick Färg

Fredrick FärgAs I whizz around my neighborhood in Tribeca in lower Manhattan I always notice new stores, galleries, and restaurants but I don't always have the time to stop in. A while ago Tribeca welcomed a new gallery called RH Gallery. I stopped in right before dinner one night (at one of my favorite Tribeca restaurants, Blau Gans which is right next door). There in the center of the gallery were some chairs that I am truly fascinated by, which I had blogged about many months ago. There they were...

Fredrick Färg is the talent behind these beauties and they are part of his RE:Cover Series. This is a story of recycling vintage chairs and adorning them with the most beautiful industrial felt which he fashions into seat backs. He draws his inspiration from the "style and structure of classically tailored suits." What a treat it was to see them in real life!

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