Cacharel Amor Amor – The Scent of Youth

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Fashion houses that successfully launch collections of fashion wear are also sometimes involved in the new trend to launch the signature perfume to carry the concept of the trade mark. The French courtly refinement induced the tailor Jean Bousquet to found the company named after a small bird cacharel residing in the southern regions of the country. Amor, Amor by Cacharel is the accentuated lightness and romanticism as the icon style for admirers of this trade mark.

How the perfume was created

The perfume was developed in 2003 by the highly qualified expert perfumers Laurent Bruyere and Dominque Ropion for young women till twenty five who can afford to make the first step towards affair with men. The top note of Amor Amor fragrance open with the notes of grapefruit and sparkling blackcurrant, the heart notes come with accords of fruit tree white flowers and the summer garden odors, the final note is the aromatic cocktail of sensual vanilla, musk and sandal with the slight oriental veil in the end.

Ad campaign

The ad campaign for the Amor Amor fragrance presents a young girl who languishingly views a fellow in the club whom she liked and suddenly the harsh throw of the grenade bottle, and a couple of seconds later a couple is kissing in passion. A signature red bottle reminding the grenade in shape adds more vintage and elegance to the fragrance which is easily recognized today. The bottle designer, Paul Ville, as if hints at the quick and explosive win of the fragrance over any heart of men.

The fragrances are traded at the cost of $40 to $80 US dollars. Besides, the testers with pheromones will cost from $10 US dollars per 15 ml.

New series Amor Amor by Cacharel

The classic basic Amor Amor is the most incredible scent considered as the scent for first intimate dating. It is daring and swift as the wind, sensitive as the tropical rain at the dawn. The heart notes of the scent are the sweet vanilla and blackcurrant. The fragrance manufacturer

Was filled with the idea to build the line of fruity-erotic scents to touch the deepest strings of flippancy, childish sincerity, purity and outspoken sexuality and the fashion house launched the line of fragrances Amor Amor by Cacharel.

The line is designed for the following purposes:

Amor Amor Sunshine is designed for hot summer days when the slightly bitter taste of the pink grapefruit and the tender exoticism of the orchid cool the excited fancy.

Amor Amor Eau Fraiche 2006 is the scent for the particular season lavishly flavored with the fruits and covered with the vein of white flowers.

Amor Amor Elixir Passion is the sensitively sweet aroma from the romantic daydream with the shade of tiara.

Amor Amor Tentation comes as the rare blend of cedar and vanilla, the manly emancipation and sweet complaisance.

Amor Amor pour Homme is the scent for unpretentious male managers and other line managers who appreciate comfort and self ego in what they do.

The fragrance is demanded by show-biz members, politicians and other celebrities. The image for the advertisement campaign 2010 Amor Amor by Cacharel was the Brazilian top model Gisele Bündchen. Her passionate but somewhat sharp face for a woman is ideal to suit the line of perfume for daring and adventurous scents.

Such celebrities as Camille Dalma, the singer, Kate Moss, the supermodel adore the fragrances by Cacharel.

As most lines, Cacharel is also involved in production of breathtaking perfumery based on needs of young and romantic women, though there are some series for strong men, either. The major key constituent of the brand is the unobtrusive desire to be comprehended right in the approach to the perfection and the real sweet and somewhat bitter love.

Love is the aspect that goes through almost all the range of Cacharel products as the major tenor for the brand. This appeal to young ladies is appreciated and demanded.

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