Let's talk about a pet peeve for a second. Installer comes into your client's home, does their work, and leaves. Designer (moi) and crew or the client are left to sweep, mop, and dust up after them. Yes, this scenario does not make me happy but, believe me, it happens more times than I care to discuss. I should in fact add that when installers clean up after themselves and show some respect it is actually something that I will mark down and thank the company for. I believe who ever made the mess should clean it up! Simple as that. I get so incredibly frustrated with companies who don't have their installers adhere to this simple practice. While I'm venting, could all those vendors out there supply their installers with booties or simply have a policy that all installers pull off their snow-trodden, disgusting snow boots before entering somebody's home. Vendors, you're only as good as your installers or delivery people. The guys delivering your furniture are as important as your salespeople in your showrooms!

I dislike having to ask people to do things like clean up and pull boots off and I dislike the companies who don't teach their installers to do this. I'm sick and tired of having to be the meanie at the door telling people something that should be ridiculously obvious!

Designers, if you have a company you feel does a good job with this go ahead and leave their names so we can give a shout out to their good service.

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